Tina Campbell Shares Lessons Learned in It’s Personal and I Need a Day to Pray

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Many have come to love Tina Campbell as one half of Mary, Mary, the Grammy-award winning Gospel group who took the industry by storm when they debuted their first single, Shackles in 2000.

Those who were following the dynamic duo were excited to hear that they were going to be able to see more of Mary Mary as they shared their lives with us from week to week on their reality show Mary Mary on weTV. For the first time we were able to see Tina and her sister Erica Campbell and the entire family. We really started to know more about the family; and got a glimpse of the reality in how we all go through changes, uncomfortable-but-necessary-growth and triumphs.


A couple of years ago, Erica, the eldest of the sister duo decided to go solo and made great strides to take her solo career to a supreme level and after seeing what a trying season it had been for Tina, it was quite understandable how she would then decide to take time off to help heal her marriage.

We had seen the very difficult time Tina and Teddy had gone through in season three, but it was refreshing to see a couple say we’re going to work through this instead of calling it quits. It was such a blessing to see that realness, because while many of us act as if those times of trouble, tension and discension doesn’t happen in our family; that is just not the gospel truth and if we’re being honest, we could take a lesson from what we saw unfold. It is very easy to sit back and say “if I were her…” When it comes right down to it.. you are not her at all and if faced with the same situation, would you really be able to say what you’d do and how you’d handle it?

As Tina began to share her journey of forgiveness, it gave root to healing by her getting more into her Word, her music and she began journaling; through that she birthed her first book “I Need a Day to Pray” and her first solo album entitled “It’s Personal.”

It is a beautiful thing when you see a woman blossom as she gets the wind beneath her wings and takes flight. That is what you’ll experience when you see Tina share a song or you read the pages in her book. Both are now available on iTunes and Amazon.com.

While it took a leap of faith for the family to show the honesty of what happens in many of our families, whether it be in a marriage or a sibling relationship; we can all take a lesson of the courage and strength it takes to forgive and rebuild a marriage, as well as sisters or siblings in general having words, but at the close of the day always being sisters/brothers and holding up one another in love.

We look forward to a very successful solo career from Tina, just as we have seen with Erica. It doesn’t matter if they are the dynamic duo in full effect or working on their solo projects, you can believe The Mary’s are always going to set it off! That is what they do; the anointing has a way of doing that for you!

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